Riverside solar project

The rising costs of energy and the need to stop burning fossil fuels are both huge threats and huge opportunities. Ever cheaper renewable technology means that communities like Keynsham can generate their own electricity, retain the income locally and reward local investors, as well as supporting local energy and environmental projects.

The directors of Keynsham Community Energy are delighted to be working with local partners to install a solar PV array on the two roofs of Riverside View, in Keynsham’s Temple Street.

The array will be community owned. Local shareholders who invest in the project get a good return on their investment, and the money KCE make from selling the electricity to local users will be used to fund local environmental and energy efficiency projects. KCE is a Community Benefit Society, meaning we are a not-for-profit organisation.

Community energy has a very important role to play in the UK’s green future in a number of ways:

  • It builds stronger, more resilient communities
  • It help reduce CO2 emissions
  • It contributes to energy security
  • It secures a good return for investors

Keynsham Riverside comprises two former office blocks built in the 1960s, and owned by B&NES. Situated on Keynsham’s Temple Street (an extension of the High Street), the blocks overlook Keynsham Memorial Park and the river Chew. Between 2018 and 2020, they were remodelled by B&NES to become apartments, with retail units and Keynsham Town Council offices on the ground floor.