Keynsham Community Energy helps make homes more energy efficient

Local organisation Keynsham Community Energy has been helping Keynsham’s residents keep their homes warm this winter.

Thanks to a grant from the Bath and West Community Energy Fund, the group has helped over 150 people to make their houses more energy efficient, by providing free draught-proofing products and advice leaflets.

Volunteers from the group hosted pop up energy efficiency cafes, attended events and spoke at local clubs and societies. They gave away door, window and chimney draught-proofing, low energy lightbulbs, room thermometers and radiator reflectors. They also handed out leaflets about how to cut energy bills, use less water and fit loft insulation, and signposted people to other help and advice if they were struggling to pay their bills.

Keynsham Community Energy Chair Nick Coates said: “The last two years have been tough. First COVID-19 meant many people lost their jobs or were furloughed, putting strain on households. Then the cost of living started to bite, and energy bills have gone through the roof. There has never been a more urgent need to insulate our homes and lower our energy bills.

Peter Capener, Managing Director of Bath and West Community Energy said: “Helping people make their homes more energy efficient is a win-win. It doesn’t only result in lower fuel bills. It also helps the country reduce our carbon footprint, because well-insulated homes require less energy to heat them.”

The latest IPCC report highlights the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and calls for massive energy efficiency and energy reduction efforts. The UK government’s energy strategy must prioritise insulating the UK’s draughty housing stock.

Although the grant has now run out, Keynsham Community Energy is determined to carry on the good work. With energy prices set to rise twice this year, there will be many more people facing the terrible choice of heating their homes or eating.

The group currently has a live Crowdfunding campaign for people to support their work at

Keynsham Community Energy is also working with Bath and North East Somerset Council to put community owned solar panels on the roof of the Keynsham Riverside View apartment complex. This project is in the advanced planning stage and will provide renewable electricity to the Keynsham leisure centre at a discounted rate.